The Otaku Mum

  • Welcome to Quarantine

    25th Mar 2020 by

    So this COVID-19 thing, it’s really taken over everyone’s lives. Including mine. And for the next little bit I’m staying home with my kids. We’re not infected, but we don’t want to be, and Australia’s infection rate is going up and it’s scary right now. I don’t know what’s going to happen. So many people… Read more

  • How to Plan a Solo Trip to Japan

    1st Mar 2020 by

    There are all sorts of trips – family holidays, honeymoons, group trips, work trips, girls weekends, staycation – and right now I am planning my very first solo trip. Back to Japan. Because, of course that’s where I’m going. It didn’t start out as a solo trip but that’s how the dice fell and so… Read more

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