Keeping on Track

I think we’re all sick of hearing “these uncertain times.”

I think we’re all sick of making plans just to have them scrapped at the last minute. Not always getting our money back. Not always having enough time to make alternate plans.

I booked a colour run for last year, maybe it’ll happen this April. Fingers crossed.

But I still have big goals and big plans. So how am I keeping on track?

The reality is, I’m not always keeping on track. I’m not always eating the healthiest freshest food. I’m not always keeping up my running. Sometimes my uni work gets the better of me. But I am trying.

Like this blog. I said I was coming back…. and then I forgot to post for a while.

This is a pandemic. I just have to deal with it the best I can.

So when I feel myself slipping, I pull myself back again. Eat better. Run again. Write a blog post.

I don’t beat myself up for letting it go for a while, I focus on what I’m doing now.

That’s all we can do. And that’s how I am keeping on track.

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